Jeep Wrangler Installation

Installation Instructions for the XPOgear Gullwing Hatch System with Molle Panels for the Jeep Wrangler JLU & JKU 

We strongly recommend that you and your installer read the following Instructions in advance and watch the 3.47 minute installation video on YouTube :

* Link to the supplies for DIY installation* CLICK HERE

Urethane:  Adhesive for your installation

DOW Dupont Xpress 30 Fast Cure Auto Glass Urethane, Adhesive Sealant


SikaTack Ultimate 30 Minute Primerless Auto Glass Urethane 

Both of these adhesives have a 30 minute minimum drive away time

Dow Betaprime 5504GSA Primer
Sika® Primer-207 AGR


CLEANER: to clean surface
Sika® Aktivator PRO 

It is important that the XPOgear / yodaTEQ products are installed correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products installed by a professional company.



  1. Using painters tape, cover body surface around the glass to prevent any damage when cutting the adhesive.
  2. Make hole into adhesive with eyeleteer and pass piano string through it.
  3. Cut all adhesives of the glass with the piano string
  4. Use the rubber sucker grip to take out the glass.

NOTICE: Using the piano string separated from the glass can damage the body. Use the piano string as close to the glass as possible.

Use the glass knife to remove old adhesive on hardtop

NOTICE: Before using the knife, degrease it with alcohol.


Installation of the XPOgear Gullwing Hatch System with Molle Panels.


Make sure Gullwing is closed.

  1. With assistance, fit the Gullwing Hatch System without adhesive and Mockup Gullwing onto Jeep
  2. With a sharpie or painters tape mark the inside window opening
  3. Once removed lightly scuff /sand a 1” line around the opening. This steps helps the adhesive adhere better to the frame and hardtop
  4. Clean scuffed surface with the above referenced cleaner
  5. Apply primer on the 1” line you scuffed all around the frame
  6. Apply tall "V" shaped bead of Urethane onto the hardtop’s opening (where original Urethane was installed)


  1. Place Gullwing Hatch System onto Jeep use the 2 wooden spacers provided on the bottom (3 Spacers for the 2 door models) leave the spacers in for 24 hours.
  2. Position the Gullwing Hatch System so that there is equal spacing all around the frame. The Adhesive allows to make small adjustments 4-6 minute working time
  3. Make sure to apply pressure on the top and bottom. Not to much on the sides. You must keep the contour of the frame to match the door.
  4. Once the Gullwing Hatch is centered, open the hatch door by releasing the latches so that there is no tension from the latches.

The Urethane has a set time of 30 minutes.

Wait 30 minutes to have urethane set before closing the hatch via compression latches. The longer the better. 

This Urethane has a 30 minute drive time (allow 30 minutes after each side's Gullwing Install to drive the vehicle) The longer the better.



Install gas strut 24 hours after install is complete

  1. Attach rod side to frame
  2. Attach tube side to door 


Molle Paenls:
When adding gear to the Molle Panels we recommend using threadlocker such as Loctite Purple or Blue on the Black Acorn Nuts before fastening them to the Molle Studs on the door. 

 -----------------------Although DIY is possible----------------------------------

We recommend hiring a professional auto glass installer. There are many shops that are very familiar with the process of safely removing auto glass to retain your OEM quarter glass windows. They have many years of experience. They have all the tools, cleaners, primers and Urethane adhesives and many are mobile and can install at your home or office. 


* Experienced Install Time 2-3 hours for both sides

Shops and Mobile installer pricing may vary.