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Gullwing Lighting KIT (Complete)

Gullwing Lighting KIT (Complete)

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Complete Gullwing Lighting KIT (Both Sides) 

This kit includes:

(2) 10" Orange/White LED Light Bar with Diffuser 

(2) Tri-color Controller & Dimmer

(2) Power Cable with Cigarette / Merit Plug Attachment

(8) Zip Tie Mounts 

(8) Zip Ties

 This dimmer switch allows you to control the three different light colors: cool white, warm white and orange for your 10" Molle Panel Light Bar

This is a 3m power cable with cigarette/merit plug attachment and waterproof DC connector. Power your Great way to extend 12v power to our lights; no soldering cables, just plug and play.

This 3m DC power lead allows you to power your camping lights from a 12V cigarette or merit socket.

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